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Try Our New Remote Healthcare System

Stuck at home because the world is like...😷 Have to stay home but want to make sure you stay healthy while you do?? 

We’re feeling everyone’s pain and want to lend our community a hand🖐 ...a virtual one actually... 💻... So even though our doors are closed 🚪we are opening up time with our medically licensed staff to serve our community. 

What Is Remote Healthcare?

You are connected with a medical profession qualified to help you with your medical concerns.
We are open for three types of appointments: 

1. Coronavirus Screening & Informational Consultations
2. Medication Refill Consultations
3. General Health Consultations

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What You'll Get:

Personalized Treatment without the office trip!

No need to wait in a crowded office, ER, or emergent care facility to be seen by overworked frontline healthcare workers. Get seen by a licensed provider in an environment where they can focus all of their attention on YOU!

Get Seen FAST and from the comfort of HOME!

You don't even need to leave your house! Just pick your appointment time, and when its time just hop on your phone or computer and be seen by your provider!

Get The Best Information From A Real Healthcare Professional! 

Don't take health advice in this time of crisis from someone who is not a licensed healthcare provider. Everyone is going to have an opinion, your hair dresser, your friends, your co-workers, the essential oil MLM lady down the street, and just about every Billy and Sue you can think of. They mean well, but right now you need up to date information from someone actually trained in medicine. 
Medical Expert
Jen Bullock FNP
  • Almost 20 Years In Medicine 
  • Hospital and Critical Care Experience
  • Team Of Medically Licensed Providers For Consult and Follow-up
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